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Target gift card giveaway

If you use coupons, or like to save to money, this week's Mission Giveaway sponsor may be of interest to you. Coupon Chief wants to help you save money when you shop online. To help you become familiar with their services, Coupon Chief is piquing your interest with a Target gift card giveaway---one for you to keep and one for you to give away. Read on for more information! About Our Sponsor Coupon clipping has gone digital! Armed with … [Read more...]

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 Here are twenty (20) of the newest coupons! Check them out now and print out your favorite ones! These coupons are the ones I have chosen so far: $2.00 off any two (2) REACH Toothbrushes, a $1.00 off an AXE Deodorant for my boyfriend, and $1.55 off one COTTONELLE Toilet Paper and 1 wipes. These are items that we use all of the time/everyday so why not save money on them too? But don't wait too long because these coupons can run out of prints at … [Read more...]

{Infographic} The True Cost Of Commuting

Cost of commuting

If you drive a car to work, I think you are going to find this {Infographic} from Streamline Refinance very interesting, and quite frankly shocking. Have you ever thought about how much that drive to work is actually costing you? In other words, have you ever thought about how much your job commute is affecting your bottom line? Have you ever weighed the pros and cons of taking a job closer to home with a lower hourly wage vs. a job further away … [Read more...]

{DailyWorth) A Must Read About All Things Money—Sign Up For Their #Free Newsletter

DailyWorth is one of the best money-related newsletters I have ever signed up for. I have been receiving their newsletter for about 6 months now and it always includes practical information:  everyday tips, empowering ideas, and the occasional kick in the pants ;). DailyWorth covers self worth, net worth, saving, spending, earning, investing, taxes, entrepreneurship, financial feminism, and much more.   … [Read more...]