DIY Mosaic Wave Surfboard With Stained Glass

DIY Mosaic Wave Surfboard with Stained Glass

DIY Mosaic Wave Surfboard With Stained Glass I have always loved the beach and the waves of the ocean, and living in South Florida has definitely let me enjoy those two things everyday. However, I also found a new love for mosaics and I wanted to do a project that incorporated both. I finally decided on […]

50 Fun Things To Do This Summer With The Family

50 Fun Things To Do This Summer With The Family

        Need a few ideas for things to do with the kids and family this summer? Look no further! Here are some ideas that will be sure to create happy, unforgettable memories for the whole family. 1. Go to the beach and collect shells. 2. Visit an aquarium. 3. Have a bonfire and make […]

You’re Not Dreaming: We Have Dream Catchers For Sale

Peacock Dreamcatcher-You're Not Dreaming: We Have Dream Catchers For Sale

  You’re Not Dreaming: We Have Dream Catchers For Sale       After becoming very popular and MANY people requesting to buy them, we now have dream catchers for sale!! I am so happy from the response that I’ve received. I never expected that so many people would love my dream catchers. It truly […]

DIY Mosaic Decorative Mirror!

DIY Mosaic Decorative Mirror

Mosaics are absolutely beautiful and unique in their own way, I never knew there were so many different things that you could do with them! After many hours of scrolling on Pinterest, I started to fall even more in love with mosaics. I became extremely curious and eventually wanted to make my own. Once the […]

Introducing An Amazing Kind Of Art Using… METAL!

Metal wall art

Recently I have discovered a new kind of art that I’ve become FASCINATED with. It’s called metal wall art. It can be made with aluminum or sheet metal. Of course it has been around awhile but it’s new to ME and I’d like to share it with you Some of you may have seen it […]

DIY Nautical Seashell Mirror

DIY Nautical Seashell Mirror

Love the ocean? Want to add a nautical touch to your home? Well, here are step-by-step instructions on how to make a BEAUTIFUL, homemade seashell mirror!   What You’ll Need: -A variety of seashells I used starfish, sand dollars, spiral snail shells, and other multi-colored shells. -Hot Glue Gun with PLENTY of Glue Sticks -Scrap […]

Easy Homemade Face Masks for Glowing Skin

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You may be surprised but several acne treatments can be found right in your home! Common household foods and ingredients can become perfect for treating your stubborn skin problems. Here are some great homemade face masks that will help you achieve moisturized, glowing skin while also preventing/clearing acne without the expensive price tag! *Tip: Before […]