Fun Friday: Calvin and Hobbes {The Snowdog}

calvin and hobbes and snow

Fun Friday If you've been following this blog for awhile, you know that I like to post Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. It is definitely one of my favorites! If you know anything about Calvin, then you know he has a knack for being creative with snow. Some of his antics include attempting to make an anatomically correct snowman,  taunting his dad with a snowmen salute, and using snowmen to express his feelings about what's for dinner. … [Read more...]

Fun Friday: Calvin and Hobbes {Calvin Starts A Small Business and Charges How Much?}

Calvin and Hobbes and small business

Calvin and Hobbes  It seems everywhere you turn these days, politicians, newscasters, bloggers, etc., are talking about politics {and small business}.  Well, here's a little humor to help us during the currently tense political environment. Copyright © by Bill Watterson   LOL I love Calvin and Hobbes! Don't you?      … [Read more...]