Fun Friday: Calvin and Hobbes {The Snowdog}

calvin and hobbes and snow

Fun Friday If you've been following this blog for awhile, you know that I like to post Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. It is definitely one of my favorites! If you know anything about Calvin, then you know he has a knack for being creative with snow. Some of his antics include attempting to make an anatomically correct snowman,  taunting his dad with a snowmen salute, and using snowmen to … [Read more...]

Calvin and Hobbes: A Snowwoman and A Snowman? #Snowmen

happy holidays

Snowwoman or Snowman? This Calvin and Hobbes comic strip is an old black and white but it was too good not to share!   Copyright belongs to Bill Watterson … [Read more...]

Fun Friday–>Calvin and Hobbes: Snowmen Salute?


Fun Friday:  Calvin and Hobbes Oh my goodness! I found another fun Calvin and Hobbes cartoon that involves Calvin's epic snowmen. LOL I LOVE this!                   Would you like to see another Calvin and Hobbes snowmen post? You can find one here. … [Read more...]

Fun Friday: Calvin and Hobbes->Expression Through Snowmen

calvin and hobbes and snowmen

Calvin and Hobbes Are you ready for some more Calvin and Hobbes fun? If you're a long time fan, you know that Calvin liked to be creative with snowmen. Here's an example of his creativity :): Copyright: Bill Watterson … [Read more...]

Fun Friday: Calvin and Hobbes {Calvin Starts A Small Business and Charges How Much?}

Calvin and Hobbes and small business

Calvin and Hobbes  It seems everywhere you turn these days, politicians, newscasters, bloggers, etc., are talking about politics {and small business}.  Well, here's a little humor to help us during the currently tense political environment. Copyright © by Bill Watterson   LOL I love Calvin and Hobbes! Don't you?      … [Read more...]

Fun Friday: Maxine and Organic Vegetables

Maxine and organic produce

It's time for Fun Friday!!!! Yay! Today, Maxine is in the spotlight and she's speaking the truth about organic produce--LOL.     … [Read more...]

{Fun Friday} Maxine’s Reaction To Music =)

All rights belong to Hallmark

I just LOL'd on this one----I love it! Maxine's Reaction To Music … [Read more...]

{Fun Friday} Calvin and Hobbes Back At School

You think he doesn't want to go to school or what??!

It's time for Fun Friday! Since the kiddos are back at school, I figured this Calvin and Hobbes cartoon would be appropriate :) … [Read more...]

Calvin and Hobbes Summer Fun…Or Not?

calvin and hobbes summer

***Ahhhhh...the joys of summer vacation :) Have you ever felt like this after traveling with your own kids?***   … [Read more...]