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Home Decor: French and Shabby Chic

Faux Hydrangea Arrangement Blue


Home Decor:  French and Shabby Chic

Will I ever get tired of looking at french/shabby chic/vintage/country styled home decor? I sure hope not. It’s just so darn beautiful and appealing to me. The typography, paint colors, worn patina, and natural elements draw me in like a bee to honey.

When you love this style of home decor like I do, there’s a benefit to be had. Know what it is? You can decorate in a shabby chic style without spending a lot of money. For example:  last year I overhauled a free lamp that feisty hubby brought home. It cost under $20 in materials and a couple of hours of my time. I wish I had more time {and energy} to engage in crafty endeavors such as this–don’t you?

If you don’t have the time, but you do have the money, you can always buy your french/shabby chic/vintage/country styled home decor. There are many affordable pieces that can be found in thrift shops and online. I’ve rounded up a few of my recently discovered online faves below.

Let’s get started. 

All country inspired homes need a rooster in their house…don’t you think?

Toile Roosters III Wall Art #homedecor


If you have a rooster, there should be a farmhouse style dining table nearby. Seriously. It’s an unspoken requirement ;).


Radley Dining Table--Farmhouse Style #homedecor savingmorethanme.com


A true francophile always has one or more grain sac pillows on hand . The words should be written in french.


Grain Sac Pillow Natural #homedecor


Did someone say “Avoir de siège {have a seat}?”


bacall settee charcoal and white #homedecor


While you’re sitting, feel free to prop your feet  up. This sturdy farmhouse table can take it.


Prop your feet up coffee and country chic table #homedecor

Is it so wrong to just sit and gaze at the ceiling? The chandelier shines just right in the morning sun.


Victorian chandelier #shabbychic #victorian

 Time for bed already? I’m having so much fun though….


Antique Rose Bonus Quilt Set #homedecor


A spot of tea before bed with Royal Albert. Night all!



I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as I have. While you’re here, tell me, which item is your favorite?

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Kimberly--Blog Owner
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