Two Free Owl Images {Horned Owl and Snowy Owl} + “The Owl” Poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Free Owl Images


Owls are such beautiful and unique creatures:  their gorgeous wingspan, unique markings, and eerie “hoots”…they’ve long been revered and both feared.

The tobacco manufacturing company—- Allen & Ginter {which was located here in Richmond, VA} often released series of collectible cigarette cards. These cigarette cards were popular in the late 1800′s and are considered collector’s items today. The two owls featured below are from the Birds of America series. These photos are in the public domain which means I am free to share them with you. To save each image, place your cursor over the image, right click,  and then select save image.



Horned Owl #RVA


snowy owl #rva


Aren’t they beautiful?

I leave you with a popular owl poem by Lord Tennyson.


The Owl by Lord Alfred Tennyson

When cats run home and light is come,

And dew is cold upon the ground,

And the far-off stream is dumb,

And the whirring sail goes round,

And the whirring sail goes round;

Alone and warming his five wits,

The white owl in the belfry sits.

When merry milkmaids click the latch,

And rarely smells the new-mown hay,

And the cock hath sung beneath the thatch

Twice or thrice his roundelay,

Twice or thrice his roundelay;

Alone and warming his five wits,

The white owl in the belfry sits.


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