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Food Insecurity and Hunger In The USA

According to, more than one out of five children lives in a household with food insecurity, which means they do not always know where they will find their next meal.  According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 16.7 million children under 18 in the United States live in this condition – unable to consistently access nutritious and adequate amounts of food necessary for a healthy life. In 2009, the top five states with the highest rate of food insecure children were the District of Columbia, Oregon, Arizona, Arkansas, and Texas.

Here in Virginia, the current food insecurity rate is 12.4 %  and the child food insecurity rate is 16.4% {of the state population}. This is the United States of America, NO ONE should go hungry or worry about where their next meal is coming from.

If you’d like to help me raise awareness about the problem of hunger, please take the Feeding America pledge. If you are in the position to make a donation, please consider doing so. It only takes $1.00 to provide 8 meals to a person in need.

If you need food assistance for yourself, or want to help someone else, you can find information online specific to your state. The information includes a list of food banks, feeding centers, meals on wheels, pet food assistance, and public assistance programs.

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Kimberly--Blog Owner

Kimberly--Blog Owner

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