Decorating With @dollartree Items For Valentine’s Day

Last month I blogged about my dining room table that I decorated solely with Dollar Store items.  Thank goodness I didn’t spend much {$11} because by January 1st, the decorations were practically destroyed. Five cats, a husband, and a dad—that’s all I’m saying on that ;)

This month, I decided to start anew. I chose a Valentine’s Day theme and once again, all items were purchased from the Dollar Tree.

Valentine's Day


I know the photos are not the greatest but I had to fight off cats as I decorated. There’s something about the rustling of paper that brings out their friskiness and desire to jump on the table {yes, I’m talking about you Bandit}.

In the photo collage above–from left to right:  a heart adorned plastic tablecloth and “Be Mine” sign, heart decorations, gift bags, a gift bag next to last month’s candle/vase, the vase inserted into the gift bag and “wrapped.”

Decorating On A Budget


I used the glittery hearts and fanned them out over a candle trivet I already owned. I didn’t glue or attach the hearts in any way as I wanted to be able to reuse the trivet.

I then placed the candle {that I already owned} in the center of the trivet which helped hold the hearts in place. The “Be Mine” sign was then placed on the table and I scattered the remaining hearts on the table. I stuffed the vases with boxes of Sweetheart candies and voila!

Decorated Valentine's Day table

Romantic, eh?


Total dollars spent:  $7.00

I have to say, I like changing the appearance of my dining room table every month. It brightens up the room and puts me in a festive mood. Next month, I think I’ll decorate for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m part Irish so it’s almost mandated that I decorate….right??

What do you think of my Valentine’s Day themed table?

Do you use dollar store items to decorate?



Disclosure:  This post is not sponsored or endorsed by Dollar Tree. I am in no way affiliated with Dollar Tree. I posted this because I like to share frugal ideas.

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