#Windowstyle Microsoft BlogHer’12 Style Makeover: Earned and Deserved! @Kristinalibby

As most of you know, I am headed to BlogHer12 in New York City next week. Oh my goodness….next week!!!!! Okay, focus. Anyway, there are many amazing sponsors that bloggers such as myself get to interact with while at the conference. One of those sponsors is Microsoft—->yes, that Microsoft!! Because Microsoft rocks, they are having a Style Makeover Sweepstakes for BlogHer attendees.

Five (5) Grand Prizes will be awarded. A Prize Package consisting of the following items:

  • A $1500 celebrity makeover consisting of a 1 hour personal online shopping experience at BlogHer ’12 with a celebrity (times/dates will be worked out directly with the winner and in the event all the funds do not get spent, the winner will receive the remaining balance on a pre-paid gift card). Approximate Retail Value (ARV) $1,500.00.
  • One (1) PC running windows 7 inclusive of the Win8 upgrade offer. Approximate Retail Value (ARV) $800.00.
  • The total Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of this Package is $2,300.
  • The total Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of all prizes: $6,900

In order to enter this event, I have to write a post describing why I deserve a celebrity style makeover {because I am nominating myself: Kimberly Dickerson}. This is a hard task for me because the word “deserve” throws me off a bit. I’m a humble person by nature and I don’t like to think of myself as deserving anything. I’d rather think of myself as earning everything. So, why do I deserve/what have I done to earn, a celebrity style makeover?

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that I successfully raised my daughter {as a single parent} while putting myself through undergraduate and graduate school. I raised a strong-willed, kind, smart, and independent young woman who is now living out on her own getting ready to start her second year of college. The path to get to where she is at was not always easy. I went without new clothes so she could have new clothes. I nixed my social life so I could spend my time with her. I worked 80 hours a week so she could have a comfortable life. I home schooled her in high school to accommodate her medical illness. I drove her and her friends around town, stayed up late with her when she was sick {even when I had to work the next day}, and drove 10 hours a week {in addition to my usual driving time} so she could attend a special camp. What it boils down to is this—>I did the work of two parents while balancing the demands of college and work.

Three months ago, my daughter moved out on her own. This makes me a young empty nester. I have wonderful memories but an empty house. I have a closet but it’s full of outdated, unflattering clothing. I have a computer but it’s a second hand one. I used my money to purchase a new computer for my daughter instead.  Now, you may be asking yourself, isn’t this what parents are supposed to do? Sacrifice for their children? Provide for their children? Yes, absolutely. I don’t regret a single moment or a single sacrifice but now, I’d like to get back to me. I think it’s time that I get new clothes. I’ve earned them and I deserve them. It’s time I get the new computer. It’s time that I have some fun. It’s time that I focus on myself and no one else. Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do after their children are grown?

So to Microsoft I say this:  I deserve a celebrity style makeover because I have done one of the hardest things in the world—>I have successfully raised a wonderful, productive human being all while working as a single parent attending college. I had the job of being two parents in one and I successfully completed the job.

One final note. One of the most rewarding things a child could say to a parent is this:  “Mom, I want to be the same kind of parent that you were. You did a good job.” My daughter thinks I’m fabulous and that makes me feel amazing. Now, with Microsoft’s help, I’d like a chance to look amazing.


“In writing this post, I’m entering the Microsoft Windows Style Makeover sweepstakes for a chance to win a head to toe makeover!”

Kimberly--Blog Owner

Kimberly is the owner and editor of Saving More Than Me.  She started blogging in 2009–one year after receiving a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. She lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and five fur kids. If you’d like to learn more about Kimberly {including what subjects her Master’s degrees are in}, click here.

Kimberly--Blog Owner

Kimberly--Blog Owner


  1. Diana Stanhope says:

    What a great post! I have a grown daughter too that has just moved out. You must be so filled with pride. I wish you the best of luck with the make over contest and your daughter as well with her start. Being a young empty nester as well, I’m only 38, I can tell you it is a wonderful experience. :)

    • Kimberly_SavingMoreThanMe says:

      Thank you so much Diana for the kind words! Good luck to you on your “new beginning” :)

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