{My Thoughts Exactly} There’s Nothing Wrong With A Little Nip, Tuck, and Lift

Since I turned 40 years old {gasp!}, I’ve been participating in annual mammograms. I am all about preventative care. I’d rather have a health issue detected early versus a health issue detected too late {ladies, get your mammograms}. Anyway, every time I get a mammogram, one of the pre screening questions is “do you have implants”? Personally, I do not because I have always been happy with my breast size. It did get me to thinking though….what is the the price of breast implants today anyway?

After some online research, I was surprised to see just how low the price of breast implants are. Prices seem to vary depending on what portion of the United States you reside in. The average price for implants in Washington D.C. is $3500. It is estimated that this is the second cheapest area in the US to get your breasts cosmetically enhanced. This is interesting considering I live about 2 hours away from Washington D.C. With that being said, how do I personally feel about breast implants? I’m going to tell you.

If a woman is unhappy with her breast size and it is causing her to have self-esteem issues, I say go for it. As a therapist, I could tell you “stop associating your breast size with your self-esteem”. That’s a crock and I’ll tell you why. If a woman doesn’t like her hair color, she can change it to a color she likes. If a woman doesn’t like her uneven skin tone, she can conceal it with make-up. If a woman is unhappy with her breast size, should we tell her to stuff her bra and seek therapy? Absolutely not. If a woman has the financial resources to have breast implants and is doing it to feel better about herself, I think that is perfectly normal. If a woman is getting breast implants to make someone else happy, that is when I would recommend therapy.

Ladies, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree?


Disclosure:  This is a sponsored conversation. All opinions expressed are mine and mine only. Please consult with an appropriate health care professional if considering breast implants. The information contained in this post should not substitute for your personal health care provider’s recommendations. 

Kimberly--Blog Owner

Kimberly is the owner and editor of Saving More Than Me.  She started blogging in 2009–one year after receiving a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. She lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and five fur kids. If you’d like to learn more about Kimberly {including what subjects her Master’s degrees are in}, click here.

Kimberly--Blog Owner

Kimberly--Blog Owner


  1. I am only 27 years old but i have had 3 kids in 3 years and my body (including my breast) are absolutely destroyed. I like to consider myself a strong confident women but i am so uncomfortable with my tiny drooping boobs. I have been looking into plastic surgery and even though my entire family is against it i cant help but feel like every person should have the right to feel beautiful in their own skin!

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