Companies That Do/Don’t Test On Animals

Companies That Do/Don't Test On Animals & My Pledge - Saving More Than Me


I recently had a very unpleasant experience at my local Ulta {my second in less than two months}. I am a beauty junkie and not afraid to admit it. I like to browse through the store and see what’s new, check out the sales, and pick up a few gift items. On my last visit, I noticed that there was a new brand of mineral makeup on Ulta’s shelves so I asked the salesperson about it {I love mineral makeup}. Anyway, the salesperson was a little snippy to begin with and she acted like I was keeping her from something. When I asked her if this new product was tested on animals, she huffed, rolled her eyes, stomped her foot {I’m not kidding or exaggerating} and she then replied, “I don’t know. Which color would you like”? I responded very politely and told her that although I was interested in the item, I would not purchase it until she could verify whether or not it was tested on animals. She rolled her eyes again and mumbled something about “asking the manager”. So I told her I would be in the store a little longer but I would like an answer to my question. The salesperson advised me that her manager was attempting to “look up the info”. I was in the store for another 15 minutes and the salesperson never approached me again and the manager did not approach me either. I ended up walking out of the store.

Consumers of cosmetics {such as myself} are becoming increasingly savvy about the ingredients that are in the products they use. Personally, I not only want to know what’s in my personal care products but I also want to know if they have been tested on animals. Thankfully, People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals {PETA} keeps an updated list of which companies test on animals and which do not. Although I have been strict on not using cosmetics that have been tested on animals, it appears I have been lax in other areas. I have discovered that a few regularly purchased household items are on the “do test” list. This is unacceptable to me personally so I vow to be more diligent about making sure that I purchase cruelty free items only.

Take a look at the “do test” and “do not test” list. Are you surprised at some of the products on the list? Will you be making any changes as a result of these lists?


Companies That Do Test On Animals 2014

Companies That Dont Test 2014


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    June 21, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    Good for you! It can be a bit hard to remember which companies don’t test on animals, thanks for sharing the lists.

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      June 21, 2012 at 11:00 pm

      thank you for stopping by 🙂

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