{My Thoughts Exactly} You Parked In My Spot??

Yesterday I had to go out to CVS to pick up a few things. If you have any sort of knowledge regarding Multiple Sclerosis, you know that this simple task is difficult for me and others afflicted with MS. Fatigue and weakness make so many simple things difficult for me. Anyway, like I normally do, I looked for a disabled parking place but all were taken. For this CVS, this is an odd occurrence. After parking (in a regular parking space), I ventured toward the store. To get into the store, I had to walk past the disabled parking spots. To my surprise (not really), two of the three cars were parked there without a disabled parking placard or the appropriate disabled license plate. To clarify, I have a disabled parking placard so I have the right to park in the reserved spaces for disabled persons. These cars and their drivers, obviously do not have the right to park there. It is illegal. It is disrespectful. In some cases, it is laziness. I don’t care if you are running into the store for a few minutes….it’s still illegal. And rude.

After posting my disgust on my personal Facebook profile, 99% of the comments agreed with my disdain but there was this one person who “stood up for herself”. She stated that she broke her foot and was unable to walk very far. As a result, her spouse/family member would often park in a disabled parking place WITHOUT the proper permit so she wouldn’t have to walk as far. After I sympathized with her situation, I explained to her why this is illegal and just plain wrong. No matter what I said, she felt like her situation “entitled” her to park in a disabled parking spot. I even explained to her that she could get a temporary parking permit to make it legal (due to her broken foot). She didn’t care and felt as if she didn’t need it and indicated that it was too much trouble. Too much trouble? What!!! As I write this, I feel frustrated. I am frustrated because I find more and more people parking in disabled parking places without the proper permits. I feel frustrated because I wonder where people’s regard for the law has gone. I feel frustrated because I wonder why people feel so entitled….and are so disrespectful to ALL of the disabled out there looking for a parking spot.

My thoughts are, if you’re going to park in my disabled parking space, without the proper permit, you should have to experience and deal with my illness too. Take the spot—it’s yours, but you should have to suffer like I do. Seriously. What I wouldn’t give to be able to park far away from the store and happily and energetically walk to that store.

What are your thoughts on this? Comments? Questions?




Holder of a disabled parking permit


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What Others Are Saying:

  1. Tracy Awalt Juliano says

    I realize I am about 7 months late to this conversation, but… I am absolutely appalled that anyone would have the audacity to argue that they had a legitimate reason to park in a disabled parking spot without a legal permit. Entitled much? My husband is a retired law enforcement officer of 25 years, and I can assure you that his favorite tickets to write were for this exact violation. How self-involved do you have to be to think that this is acceptable? The fact that this happens so often makes me angry, but more than that, it also makes me quite sad. It says a lot about how “me” based our society has become. I am sorry you have to contend with so many clueless people on such a regular basis.

  2. darlene bohannon says

    i agree with you ,as a person with fibro i have a hard time walking,i dont have a permit yet.i would never park in a handicap spot,even thou i need too

  3. autumn kelly says

    People like this aggravate me. They show no respect. I am disabled, but I can walk. Even when I was at my worst I did not abuse the right of those who needed it more than me.

  4. Amy Adams says

    I’m with you on this. The law is the law. If you broke your foot and you feel you need to park in the disabled parking spot than get the permit; otherwise, risk being fined $500 and park there. I am glad I don’t have to park there and can easily walk the distance required to park anywhere in the lot. If you are too lazy to put forth the effort to get the permit that you think you need than you really don’t need it!!

  5. Nancye Davis says

    I, too, am disabled and deal with this just about every time I go out. It gets SOOOO frustrating to see able-bodied people take these spots!! Another one of my pet peeves it when old people give me dirty looks. I do not have a placard to hang from my mirror but I have a handicapped license plate. Old people must think they are “entitled” too. One of these days when I get one of those looks or get a comment, I am prepared for them. I ‘ll ask them if they have a handicapped sticker because they are old or just plain stupid!! Not sure what kind of response I’ll get, but oh well……….I could go on and on and on with situations I’ve personally dealt with, but the bottom line is: DON’T PARK IN A HANDICAPPED PARKING SPACE IF YOU AREN’T HANDICAPPED!!!!! Duh!! Thanks for letting me vent! Hang in there! :)

    • Kimberly says

      I get ‘the looks” too Nancye! I try to ignore them but one day I’m going to explode :) Thank you for your comments and venting is allowed around here anytime :)

  6. Jeni Mitchell says

    Kimberly…this was so well written. I am sorry. Sorry that you not only live with MS, but that you encountered these experiences ~ the parking places taken and then the woman who clearly doesn’t understand the law and why disabled parking really isn’t a privilege. As you said, if they want to park there, fine, but please take our ailments too. I too have a permanent disability parking placard. Nothing irks me more then the “waiting” car. I even get irritated when the “waiting” car has a tag. Why? The tag is for PARKING, not waiting.

    Kimberly we can only hope that some day the people who’s minds are clouded will open their eyes and realize that doing the right thing actual does get your further in this world. Also that doing the right thing feels good. Whoever this woman with the broken foot was, her doctor should have addressed a temporary parking placard with her, if he or she felt it was necessary. You and I know this. I will pray that this woman’s foot heals quickly and also that this experience gives her a wake-up call into “our world” and that she’s able to realize that we have not chosen to park where we do. As you said beautifully, we would gladly change places.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. <3

  7. says

    My opinion on handicapped parking spaces is simple: if you don’t have a placard or a license plate that identifies you as a handicapped driver, you may not park there, PERIOD. While I myself am not handicapped (though I’ve been in a walking cast since the end of September, and walking any real distance is a pain in the ass – and leg), I do feel very strongly about this issue, and have no qualms about 1) confronting drivers who are with their non-handicapped-identified vehicles and 2) calling the police to report them (and taking a photo).

  8. says

    I have cardiac myopathy and some kind of respiratory illness they can’t seem to diagnose. I can walk about 100 feet without getting short of breath. I have a disabled parking permit.

    I am, also, a very confrontational person. VERY CONFRONTATIONAL If I see the person who has parked there without a permit I will ask, very loudly, “Are you handicapped?”

    About 75% of the time, the person will mumble some excuse and then move their their car.

    When they don’t, I call the police and make a big deal out of it until they come and write the offender a ticket.

    • Kimberly says

      Sorry to hear about your illnesses Mike. I have been known to confront a few illegally parked drivers myself. Most of the time, I’m in a hurry and don’t have the time to wait for the offender or the police. I applaud your efforts.

  9. says

    Why couldn’t her spouse/family member just drop her off at the front door and then go park and walk to meet her? Because of sheer laziness. This type of behavior infuriates me! Wichita had a Snap It program where volunteers went around taking pictures of cars parked in handicap stalls without placards. It was an automatic fine, no negotiation or anything. It’s terrible that we have to resort to that type of program to get people to do the right thing.

  10. Maggie says

    I totally agree! I am able to walk and do park farther away – where there’s less cars. As I’m walking into stores, I will check to see if they have a placard or plate. I get so annoyed when they don’t! I know you can get temp ones – my MIL had one when she had knee surgery.

    I’m mad for you! I’m sorry you weren’t able to get spot where you didn’t have to walk as far. I wish these people would be ticketed – I think that would be a great source of revenue. 😉

  11. says

    I hear you loud and clear and before I read that you told the girl about a temp parking permit, that was exactly what I was going to say!! I can’t claim that I haven’t ever parked in a handicap spot while my husband runs in for something so I’m certainly guilty of it. I always stay in the car and if it’s the ONLY or closest spot, I would never take it. Still not right…just being honest. Hearing it from someone who NEEDS the spot will definitely make me think before I do it again.

  12. says

    Such a sad reality that there are many people like that one who had that stupid sense of entitlement. And it’s not too much trouble at all (I once had to get a temporary tag). Sounds to me she should have just said “I’m too lazy” instead 😛 Hope situations like this don’t happen to you too often :/

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