{Update} My Serta Mattress Rant

I will never buy another Serta mattress again. I purchased my mattress brand new 2 years ago and in a short period of time, it has become misshapen, saggy, and bumpy. It is the perfect sleeper line (what an oxymoron and a joke). Anyway, neither I or my husband have done anything for this mattress to be in the condition it currently is in. Seriously. We don’t bounce in our bare feet on the bed, we are not obese, we don’t play with the coil springs (lol) and we certainly don’t fold it in half which is what the mattress is trying to do on it’s own. The middle of the mattress is bowing inward. How does a quality mattress bow inward?

Anyway, I called the Serta warranty dept and they told me that my local warehouse (in MD) would contact me—-they never did. After two weeks, I had to track them down. When I was finally able to reach a live person, she informed me that I would have to complete some paperwork and pay a $45 inspection fee. Wait. . .if your mattress is defective, or poor quality, and it’s covered under warranty, why do I have to pay anything? She states that this is Serta’s policy. Anyway, she sends me the form via email and it doesn’t even load on the computer properly as it’s in a weird spreadsheet format. I mean a really weird spreadsheet format. Totally irritated by now, I call customer service back and ask to speak to a manager. The rep advises me that she will email her manager and he/she will be in contact with me within 48 hours. Guess what? That was last week. This fiasco has been going on since the beginning of July. What do I have to do to get a replacement? And why do I have to pay for an inspection? Oh yeah, here is the icing on the cake. . .”if” my mattress passes inspection (a big if), Serta will apply my $45 inspection fee to the transportation costs I will have to pay to get the replacement (you know, the replacement that’s covered under warranty). That’s an additional $100. What??? Are you kidding me???

My next phone call is to a supervisor of a supervisor. . .I am so frustrated. . .ugh. I will keep you all updated. . .thanks for letting me rant.


9/19/11: {Update}: So, here it is one month later and my issue still HAS NOT been resolved. I completed the paperwork that was FINALLY sent to me in a format I could download and sent it back to Serta. They were kind enough to waive the inspection fee. But guess what? The inspection still has not happened. It took 2 weeks for the initial call from the inspector. First of all, this man (who is supposed to represent a company) was very unprofessional. He spoke to me as if I were one of his buddies. I’m not your buddy, I’m a customer. Secondly, do not use slang when you speak to a customer like this inspector did. Thirdly, when you make an appointment for 2 pm on a Saturday, and YOU DON’T SHOW UP AND YOU DON’T CALL (yes, I’m yelling cause I’m irritated), what the heck does that say about you and the company you represent? That’s right, the inspector did not show up for our appointment after I hauled my butt back home after doing a volunteer dog transport that same morning. Irritated beyond belief , I contacted Serta on their Facebook page because they have been the most responsive through all of this. I advised them of the no show. Monday morning, I get a call from the inspector advising me that he is in the area and that he would like to stop by. That’s all fine and dandy but people have jobs, lives, appointments, etc., I just can’t drop what I’m doing because you screwed up and you happen to be in my area. That’s why I made an appointment with you—-because I knew I would be home and expected you to do your job and come to my home at the designated time.

On the Monday this inspector phoned me, I was unavailable for calls and I had my phone on vibrate. I had pre-scheduled appointments. I returned his phone call on Tuesday and he did not answer so I left a message. He then called me at around 8 am on Wednesday and I was not awake yet. I called him later that day and he did not answer so I left another message. He has not called me back since. Can you believe this? Would you want to deal with this? I’m in a mattress nightmare!! Anyway, this morning I left a message for multiple people that I wish to speak to a supervisor. I have requested a supervisor before but haven’t gotten anywhere. So, I am still sleeping on a saggy, misshapen, uncomfortable Serta brand mattress that is only 2 years old and needs to be replaced. Did I mention that this mattress has a 10 year warranty? Did I mention I will NEVER buy another Serta mattress again as long as I live? Did I mention that this mattress is actually making the aches and pains of my Multiple Sclerosis even worse? No exaggeration.

All I can say is consumers beware. It seems I am not the only one having problems with Serta. Read this fun stuff!!




I think Serta is having some quality control issues. More later. . .

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    Jennifer McInnis
    August 18, 2011 at 8:40 am

    What a nightmare!! But thank you for sharing. I was considering buying a couple at Sam’s to put in the camp we are building. I will keep looking now. Just for future consideration, I have a Simmons Beautyrest at home that I absolutely LOVE!!! We paid quite a bit for it, but it was worth every penny!! It is so comfortable, I could just live right in bed. It was worth saving for!

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